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Changer de ROM Android sur tablette Asus Transformer Pad TF300T

Flash réalisé sous windows 7 64bits et ubuntu 20.04.



  1. Installation driver Android sous Windows pour que la détection de la tablette soit efficace.
  2. Délocker la tablette avec l'outil officiel fournit par Asus.
  3. A l'aide de l'outil fastboot, changer le recovery par le logiciel Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP).
  4. En lançant le nouveau recovery TWRP, rooter la tablette en installant SuperSU. A ce stade, l'Android officiel 4.2 est toujours installé et utilisable mais on peut être root.
  5. A l'aide du recovery tWRP, installer la ROM de votre choix (ici KatKiss 5.1) avec les Google apps associés et une mise à jour SuperSu si nécessaire.


Copie du site pour ne pas perdre la procédure.

Unlocking your Asus TF300

“Again tell me why I need to unlock my Asus tablet?” A locked Android tablet won’t be able to install new firmware locking you down from installing anything at a boot level.

  Download the official Unlock Asus ‘Unlock_v8.rar’ file and untar Unlock_v8.apk to your device internal memory.
  Install the Asus Unlocking App and run it.
  Follow the instructions the unlock your device and once all is done you will see your tablet reboot and display ‘This device is UnLocked’ on startup (screenshot above). That’s it, next.

Rooting your TF300 with Jelly Bean 4.2

You’ll need the following items:

  • Developer mode enabled (Settings → About → click Build 4 times)
  • USB Debugging activated
  • Third party install enabled (settings → Security)

Let’s go:

  • Download this second zip package (contains a TF300 boot TWRP version with fastboot) and unzip into your ‘C:\Program Files\Asus\Asus Sync\’ Folder or really any other temp folder.
  • Open Cmd.exe and ‘CD’ into your Asus Sync folder where you uploaded fastboot.exe from step 1.
  • Type in Cmd: fastboot –i 0x0b05 flash recovery twrp.blob (you can run it without -i 0x0b05 also)
  • The prompt will say < waiting for device > (in picture above). At that stage restart your tablet and upon startup press ‘Volume Down and Power On’ until you see 3 images (RCK, Android, Wipe). Make sure you stay at that menu, you will see fastboot.exe connect and flash the recovery.
  • When finished type: fastboot reboot
  • DO NOT Reboot into recovery, let it boot up into its normal state at least once.
  • Download and upload into your tablet’s internal memory.
  • Once you have SuperSU copied reboot with ‘Volume Down and Power On’ until you see the screen with 3 images on bootup.
  • Press ‘Volume Up’ to select Recovery (RCK) which will load TWRP.
  • Pick Install and select, what it do its stuff.
  • Wipe Dalvik/Cache
  • Reboot and that’s it, you got yourself a TF300 rooted with Android 4.2

Now what?

You will notice SuperSU in your application list. SuperSU will provide superuser access to any application requesting root. You have full control and can easily manage the permissions for each app.

The first test is, install Android Terminal Emulator and type at the Terminal’s prompt:

su root
You will get a popup from SuperSU asking permission to grant root access. Do so and type:
id (return)

That’s right! You are root, group zero, full access. Congratulations! Now you can run any application under root, manage/load custom roms, develop application with root access, install custom tweaks, and terminate any application plus more.

Installation de la ROM

Exemple avec KatKiss 5.1.1 en Lollipop. Connecté avec la tablette, et par USB, wifi ou carte SD, copier la ROM KatKiss, les gapps associés et éventuellement la mise à jour de SuperSu à la racine de la mémoire interne de la tablette.

Ensuite, appliquer la procédure suivante :

  • Go to recovery
  • Make a full wipe / factory reset (you can skip this step if you're already on the same main version of KatKiss, if ever you encounter a problem do the full wipe and try again before reporting)
  • Flash the rom
  • Flash the SuperSU zip
  • Flash gapps
  • Wipe cache/dalvik
  • Reboot

Le premier boot est assez long, il faut être patient. A la fin, on arrive à l'écran Android avec l'assistant habituel pour se connecter au wifi, au compte Google…


Dernier exemple avec Android 7.1 en Nougat

Restore version ROM stock

This is how I unbricked my TF300T that had no rom installed and a wrong bootloader/recovery combination. (4.2 bootloader with TWRP recovery JB version). Hope it helps.


I have the same on my TF300t and A700 - but it seems i just managed to get my TF300t back

i tried all fastboot (reflashing recovery, boot, system etc) no dice - especially since writing system was done after 3 secs all the time.

Here how i restored my TF300T JB

download your appropriate lates firmware from Asus (WW, US etc.) and extract the zip twice so you have your blob file

install your device drivers if needed (i used Google SDK ones) (and as a Tip Win8 sucks for Fastboot stuff so try to get Win7 Vista XP for this)

Reset your device with a paperclip/needle (about 2 cm down of your sdcard slot) and hold vol-down to enter fastboot

(the folowing i did at least 10 times already but didn't erase misc)

fastboot erase system
fastboot erase recovery
fastboot erase userdata
fastboot erase boot
fastboot erase misc
fastboot erase cache
fastboot -i 0x0B05 flash system c:\adb\TF300t\blob (this is my path - your's may vary depending where you stored your blob) ((also this was the first time i saw the loading bar while flashing)*
fastboot -i 0x0B05 reboot

* it also took a lot longer as it should:
C:\>fastboot -i 0x0B05 flash system c:\adb\TF300t\blob
erasing 'system'...
OKAY [ 1.695s]
sending 'system' (800935 KB)...
OKAY [133.121s]
writing 'system'...
OKAY [153.973s]
finished. total time: 288.789s

im now setting my tab up to get back to CM (which initially caused this sh1theap due to autoupdate error, same as my A700 got bricked )

hope i could help you out!

-Buster <----(credits to him) Go to this link ---> because that's the guy that wrote this procedure from above (credits to him) :

This part was me now -ozkrtech <--- (credits to me)

In addition to that, if you simply can't see your device using the command "adb devices" go check on device manager if you see a device called just "Transformer" with a yellow icon indicating it needs a driver, and manually update driver, select "browse my computer for drivers" and then select let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" there you will see a list of like 3 different drivers, one of them says "bootloader" and one of the others says "adb" (i think they self explain) but just in case try with each one of them you can keep on switching drivers until you get your device recognized by the command "adb devices".

You should be asking yourself... whats the right moment to do an "adb devices" command? well my tablet same as -Buster's tablet had the wrong recovery menu flashed (wrong bootloader version) and it just kept booting into the corrupted recovery (in my case TWRP) with the "can't mount anything" and "what's the password" issue. When you get to password screen just hit cancel and try the "adb devices" commando and you'll see it gets recognized with your device serial number.

Once your device gets recognized by "adb devices" command you will proceed to use "adb reboot-bootloader" command and the tablet will reboot into the menu that had 4 options but now have 3 options and its missing the fastboot option (don't panic) in the last bootloader it is auto-fastboot mode when you reach that screen with just 3 options in it now (yeah is the screen with the RCK option) at this point try "fastboot devices" command to see if your device gets recognized same as "adb devices" procedure, it should get recognized with a different serial number (don't know why, maybe that number isn't a serial number), at this time you are SO LUCKY! now you will follow what I posted at the beginning from that other dude ---> (-Buster) or follow his link --- >

And you'll have an unbricked tf300t in no time =) (I personally used the stock but newest Asus ROM) 4.2.1 ( and it worked flawlessly.

**NOTE** don't turn off nor reset your device once you have formatted the partitions, no need for that (don't know what happends but it might get really hard bricked) just proceed to flash the stock rom after erasing the partitions.

I'm 100% positive this will work if your device is in same state as ours. (had TWRP for JB) then updated bootloader to version 4.2 and forgot to update twrp to version 4.2 or installed twrp version JB by mistake and lost fastboot and TWRP is asking password.

Hope it helps. Let me know your status and if it worked for you. 
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