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Deprecated Création d'un filesystem supérieur à 2To

Informations pour créer un filesystem supérieur à 2To en ext3 sachant que la limite est de 16To pour un seul système de fichier.

Documentation officielle Bull et Red Hat

Documentation officielle VMware


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1 and later supports ext3 filesystems up to 16 Terabytes in size. Please see the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Release Notes for further information.

In order to create EXT3 filesystems greater than 2TB, use the normal LVM and mkfs.ext3 commands as follows (assuming the block device for the storage is “/dev/sdd”):

pvcreate /dev/sdd
vgcreate BigGroup /dev/sdd
lvcreate -L 8000G -n bigvol BigGroup
mkfs.ext3 /dev/BigGroup/bigvol

This example created an 8 TB EXT3 filesystem on /dev/sdd. Since fdisk on the x86 platform is not compatible with partition layouts larger than 2.1TB, it's necessary to use the block devices directly to create physical volumes for LVM.

In order to create filesystems greater than 8 TB, invoke mkfs.ext3 with 4K blocks and the “-F” option:

pvcreate /dev/sdd
vgcreate BiggerGroup /dev/sdd
lvcreate -L 16000G -n biggervol BiggerGroup
mkfs.ext3 -F -b 4096 /dev/BiggerGroup/biggervol
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